Know Darjeeling And Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling is a magical and mystical hilly-town in the Indian state of West Bengal. Surrounded by the Himalayas,it is located at an elevation of 6,700 ft overlooking Mt. Kanchenjunga (world's third-highest mountain) and is fondly called the ‘Queen of Hills’. Darjeeling got its name from Tibetan words Dorje-ling (Dorje meaning Thunderbolt and ling meaning Land) or ‘Land of Thunderbolt’. 

Its world famous Tea, Toy train,(UNESCO's World Heritage site) and spectacular Trekking tracks make Darjeeling an incredible experience.

Whether one chooses to discuss trade over tea, trek the invincible Himalayas, feel the serenity and connect with one’s inner soul, soak in the warmth of cultural diversity, appreciate the art and architecture of the sacred places,attempt to trace back the English connection, step into the bygone era with the 'Toy Train' ride, infuse oneself in the elegance and mystic romanticism, embrace the biodiversity and natural ecosystem, enjoy eco-friendly tourism and engage with the local community- at Darjeeling, there is something for everyone.

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