While travelling or on the go, 

in the office, 

or a quick sip to follow....

Our Maya of Australia® organic Darjeeling tea bags LAUNCHED! 

100% pure, premium, organic Darjeeling tea is now there for you 

not only while you relax and ponder but also on the go...!

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'Maya of Australia', has a unique mission of bringing Authentic Pure, Organic, Single Origin Darjeeling tea to discerning tea lovers in Australia.

Darjeeling tea, is a rare, coveted and exotically flavoured, is grown only in Darjeeling, situated at the foothills of the Himalayas in India and cannot be grown, manufactured or replicated anywhere else in the world. The unique agro-climatic condition of the region contributes to its distinctive flavour and aroma. However, according to the official sources, each year, around 10 million kg of teas are grown in 87 tea gardens spread over 17,500 hectares of land but over 40 million Kg teas are sold worldwide as Darjeeling.

Our endeavour is to bring to you authentic, premium quality tea produces ensuring holistic goodness- that is good for Health, Environment and Community, which, are the pillars of sustainable development.

There was a time when drinking tea was a ritual that strengthened bonds, brought friends and families together, stirred intellectual discussions, incited romanticism and reinvigorated many. We are attempting to revive that nostalgia of the bygone era.

Finally, women, who form majority of the workforce in this tea producing ecosystem, play a significant role in the sustainability of the tea industry. This ethically sourced, carefully crafted tea is more of an art. The sight of a mother (a tea-picker) holding a 'tea-leaf' while at the same time carrying her child in her pouch is a sight- that is quite common. And that, in a way exemplifies the nature/nurture bond. Thus, through the 'mother and child' image on our products, we pay our respect to all those women working in the tea gardens while nurturing both their human child as well as the industry. It is in their nature to nurture and that help produce the best tea (both in terms of flavour and aroma) in the world.

Fresh from the pristine lap of the Indian Himalayas...
Nurtured with care...
Ensuring the fine quality
For the finer moments,
refined taste,
the joy of pure & premium
For the Festive Season & Always 
With You Forever
Maya of Australia-Organic Darjeeling Tea
Authentically Yours!

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'Maya of Australia® is registered with the Tea Board of India [more].